Tuesday, September 24, 2013

"My Knightly Dreams" Blog Tour Starts SUNDAY!

Five days (and counting) until My Knightly Dreams goes on BLOG TOUR! I can hardly wait. Sunday can't get here soon enough and I'm dying to see what a blog tour (my first) will do to my ranks, sales, etc... Hopefully it'll be fantastic. Then, exactly one week later, At Least I'm Pretty takes off on a blog tour too! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for good reviews, high ratings, tons of publicity, lots of sales and hopefully a climbing rank on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Lesley, with Life with Lesley, has been amazingly patient with me and helped me to understand the whole process. It's been nice to have her explaining things to me and walking me through this.

Also, yesterday My Knightly Dreams actually hit a Top 100 chart on Amazon so I was absolutely ecstatic. When I saw it, it was sitting at #52 but then moved to #55 and hung out there most of the day. That was awesome to see! It made me really feel confident that all of this is going to work out. K.A. Robinson, author of the Torn series and the upcoming book, Shattered Ties, has pretty much been my inspiration. I started writing nearly five years ago and when the whole "begging a literary agent for representation" thing fell through I just kind of kept writing without even trying to get them published. So, it was really her advice and push that gave me the confidence to move forward and publish them without an agent. Without her, I would probably write forever and never do anything with my stories. I'm so thankful for K.A., Lesley, and everyone else who have supported me in this. I just can't even express how grateful I feel that God placed them in my life.

Now, I know I'm not the world's greatest blogger and I only update this occasionally, but I guess it's because I have no idea what to say. That's why I never kept a diary as a kid. Regardless, I don't think too many people yet are even reading my blog updates SO if you are, and I'm totally wrong, comment on this and I'll try to blog a little more often.

Brittany Jo James