Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Rebels: Teaser Time!

Hello loves,

There's still no official date for the release of The Rebels but I'm aiming for summer. My plans are to publish Prettier Than You (the sequel to At Least I'm Pretty) before I publish The Rebels because I feel like I should tie up some loose ends before I jump into publishing something so different. My first three novels were historical romances meant for a young adult age group and swayed to the literary fiction side of things; whereas, The Rebels is a contemporary thriller, suited more to new adults, and definitely more of a commercial fiction. Let me know what you think about this look into Chap 4! I'm dying for feedback, so make my day by leaving a comment of your thoughts! Keep in mind that this is all still unedited and subject to change... but, without further ado... Here you go!

I walked through the night, slowing my pace to take a drink of water or eating a cracker but never stopping. By midnight, my water and crackers were gone and I kicked a tree just because it felt right. By 2:00AM my sides ached and hurt, not to mention that my foot throbbed. Why did I have to kick that tree? Smart, Temper. Real smart! By 4:00AM I wasn’t worried about it anymore. I didn’t care about anything except making it the next few miles. I was nearly home.
Ashdown city limits. The little green sign was so welcoming. It was covered in bullet holes and I ran my finger gently across one, remembering a happier time. Prom night, five years ago, in all its glory. Voss and I had just started dating and I had been dreaming of how amazing prom night would be for weeks. It was only my junior prom but for Wesley and Voss, it was senior prom, the biggest night of the year for Ashdown High. The three of us, along with mine and Wesley’s two first cousins, Cash and Destin, went together as the inseparable team we had always been. The twins and Voss were groomed to perfection that night and even Wesley had cleaned up for it.
We had all piled up in Wesley’s truck, decked out in tuxedos and my bright yellow prom dress, ready to dance the night away. Wes, Cash and Destin had already promised dances to just about every single girl in school, along with a few who weren’t so single. Two plastic cups of spiked punch and a fist fight between Wes, Voss, and the twins verses half the football team later, we were thrown out and sitting in the back of Wesley’s truck, shooting our shot guns at this green road sign. 
I had been in love with Voss since the first grade. He knew it but had been too shy to do anything about it and I got tired of waiting, which is why I started dating Sutton Sorenson my sophomore year. Sutton had a dream of the two of us living in a used double-wide trailer on my daddy’s land but when I mentioned college, he just snapped.
“You choose me or school, Temp…” Sutton had said.
“Fine then,” I answered as I walked away.
“Temper, you walk away from me and it’s over. I’m done. You understand?”
“Clearly,” I called, never slowing down.